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Effective Marketing for Small Business

Marketing your business isn’t something you do when sales are slow. It is something you do all the time. It may seem like extra work that takes time, funds, and focus away from your other business activities, but a thoughtful marketing strategy will help amplify your...

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Ways to Improve Webinars and Screen-Share Presentations

Webinars are a part of my life. I am constantly trying to learn more. I think I spend 80% of my time reading or watching instructional videos and only 20% of my time writing or creating content. The other day I was watching a web presentation (webinar) that included...

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5 Tech Tools to Boost Your Small Business in 2017

Tech tools for Small Business growth Small Businesses are finding that they can tap into new or improved technologies to gain an advantage over slower moving, large businesses. With the advances in ease of use and security small business owners are finding an easier...

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Learn Important New Skills and Techniques

Keep It Productive

Stop spending frustrating amounts of time and energy “fighting fires” and dealing with chaos in your business. Use checklists and policies that will keep your small business productive and growing. Put systems in place that assure you feedback on desired outcomes and eliminate unwanted interruptions.

Keep It Safe

Viruses, malware and unwanted intrusions waste your time and rob you of vital private data. They can cost your business serious money and if not stopped immediately can cost you your business. Using safe procedures and maintaining your systems properly can reduce the chances of digital disaster.

Keep It Clear

Your message needs to be clear and it is important to put your brand and your message on line. Web sites, social media, Business to Business Networking are all more important now than ever. If someone is looking for your business on the Internet, at least half will be on their smartphone or other mobile device.
Small Business Technology Support

Running a Small Business is HARD. I know, I have run a small business for over 30 years. The focus for this site is technology for the small business owner. I will help you prevent problems that could cost you a lot of money or even cost you your business.

Join my Newsletter in the space below. I can help you. And the help is absolutely free. You will get a note about once a week with helpful tips, urgent bulletins and money saving offers that will help you keep your business running smoothly and securely.

I write a blog post about twice a week on topics of importance to business regarding technology.  Whether you outsource your technology to a service provider or do it yourself you will receive huge benefits from the articles, blog posts and products you will find here. is a service of:

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