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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Tom Rich and for over thirty years I have owned a technology and computer support business and have helped other small business owners with computers, networking, security, telephone systems and other technology.

“Encore entrepreneurship” is a fast growing trend. It is folks, usually 50+, who are using their knowledge, skills and experience to start a new small business. It has never been easier to start a successful business based on the value you can bring to your clients.  If you are an Encore entrepreneur, I applaud you and support you.

My passion is to help businesses use their technology, marketing and business processes to improve productivity and reduce costs. My goal is to help you adopt simple practices and develop standard operating procedures to make your business thrive..

Are you a business owner that does his own technical support? DIY Biz Tek supports business owners that are sometimes “do-it-yourself” IT’ers. I provide articles, information and services needed to keep things running smoothly and confidently.

Sometimes talking to the “Computer guy” can be confusing. It seems like they talk a different language or came from a different planet. DIY Biz Tek helps you communicate with the “Tech” professional you might hire to outsource some of your technology work.

I will provide questions to ask and standards to require of the outside contractor to make sure that your business is safe and resilient.

The Internet has become the primary focus for many small business’ marketing efforts.  Done thoughtfully, it can be the most effective way to market for small business. Our articles, posts, reports and classes can help you define your ideal customer, plan marketing campaigns, and reach new customers.

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I will respect your trust and never sell or give away your email address, and of course you can opt-out at any time.

Best wishes and prosperity,
Tom Rich

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